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Iskali ste objavo št. 58690... najdena v temi Jutranji pregled - svet, 20.02.09

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Jutranji pregled - svet, 20.02.09
Rubrika: preglednovic
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 20.02.09 09:02  andrejcc (DS) shramba  

Komentarji uporabnikov  (vseh: 4; zadnji: 20.02.09 10:42)  · 
Kot neprijavljen uporabnik - gost - ne morete vpisovati komentarjev.

 20.02.09 09:36  _whateverodgovori / citiraj

Karl Deninger:

If Taxcheating Timmy is unable or unwilling to discharge his duty as Secretary of the Treasury, I'll do the job. You probably wouldn't like how I'd do it, but I'd do it. Here's my prescription:


The memo goes out in the AM to every bank in America: No more lies. If you lie, even once, your bank gets seized and you will be criminally charged personally. Period. I am particularly interested in Mr. Lewis' claims on national television (CNBC) that Bank America had a "great" January. That sounds an awful lot like Dick Fuld who said he was going to "burn the shorts" and was "well-capitalized". Oh by the way, I'd refer Mr. Fuld's statements over to Justice immediately, along with everyone else who said something similar (Bear Stearns anyone?)


I would then amend OTS and OCC rules: All bank examinations are public data. All examinations must either have every asset marked to the market or the full model and data inputs must be disclosed, without exception.


Next, I would take the stage and give every bank in America 72 hours to disclose their current Tier Capital numbers under those rules. They have 'em in the possession of their Risk Manager. Let's have it. In public. You publish it, we print it. Everyone who is under-capitalized and has been hiding it - your shares are suspended. We'll get to you.


For those who are under-capitalized: If you have sufficient capital in your debt to be crammed down, that's what happens. Your common equity is gone. Preferred is crammed down, if that's insufficient it is gone. Next we do subordinateds, and repeat until sufficient capital is restored. End of discussion.


For those who cannot be crammed down we seize you. Your deposits and good assets are auctioned off to sound institutions, spread among the physical locations of those assets and deposits so no concentration of more than 5% in one bank occurs. The rest of the assets go the FDIC and are run down or auctioned off as they deem appropriate.


Any bank with more than 5% of the deposit base has 12 months to reduce it to under 5%. This affects fewer than 20 institutions.


No bank may transact in any instrument that is (1) not a whole loan or (2) is not traded on an exchange. Period. Any such "assets" currently held must be disposed of within six months. No exceptions. I recognize that this makes banks a "utility" - entities that take deposits and make loans. So what? Its a good and profitable business, has been for hundreds of years, and forces proper underwriting since you must retain the risk.


Any bank that finds (7) onerous (and most will) is free to split itself into two firms, one a bank and the second a non-bank affiliate held by the parent. The affiliate may not utilize depositor capital or otherwise be cross-contaminated with bank assets and support, but is of course free to raise money via debt offerings in the marketplace such as it is. Said non-bank firm may trade in whatever it would like, however, it will not receive any government support of any kind. Cross-contamination of any sort between a regulated bank and a non-bank sub will be treated and prosecuted as bank fraud. Any existing "affiliate" bank credit lines must be extinguished within 90 days and "23A letters" are explicitly disallowed.


Reserve ratios are set at 8% with no exceptions.


Bernanke will do as the above directs without complaint or I will exercise my lawful and Constitutional authority to issue United States Notes, bypassing The Fed entirely. Ben and The Fed work under my direction, not the other way around. End of discussion.


Any bank that does not want TARP money may repay it immediately. If you keep it, no employee may receive total compensation exceeding that of the President of The United States, without exception and in all forms, including stock, options as valued under Black-Scholes, deferred compensation, benefits and cash. Period. You are working for us, therefore we set your salaries.

There 'ya go. Cards on the table, face up. No bullshit. If you're broke, you're broke. We'll protect depositors and everyone else can twist in the wind. Those who are bankrupt must be recognized as bankrupt so the system can clear and the market can function.


 20.02.09 09:43  andrejcc (DS) odgovori / citiraj

--jasno in glasno in v stilu no bullshit. i like it. sam politiki tako po svetu kot doma so posebna vrsta :)
 20.02.09 10:13  _deaistoodgovori / citiraj

A bo letos sell in May and go Away samo se GO AWAY?
 20.02.09 10:42  _darreodgovori / citiraj

ne bo brez panike, vse se vrača, vse se plača razen slovenskih tajkunov (to plačamo mi)

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