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#176453  16.12.19 03:31  liny195

FLORHAM PARK [url=http://www.jetsjerseyproshop.com/joe-klecko-jersey/]White Joe Klecko Jerseys[/url] , N.J. (AP) — Sam Darnold and the New York Jets were back on the practice field after some time away.Time enough to mostly clear their heads of the miserable 21-17 loss at Cleveland last Thursday , not that the sting was easy to brush off in the few days since.“Yeah, they’ve been pretty hard,” rookie quarterback Sam Darnold acknowledged Monday. “I’m not going to lie to you guys.”New York is 1-2 after playing three games in 11 days and riding a roller coaster of emotions during that brief span. From the highs of a dominant victory at Detroit in the opener to the uneasiness of a loss to AFC East-rival Miami at home six days later to the frustration and disappointment of being the first team to lose to the Browns since 2016.Now comes the big test for not just Darnold, but the rest of the Jets — including Todd Bowles and his coaching staff. With a game at Jacksonville on tap next, New York needs to rebound from the defeat in Cleveland to prevent the season from spiraling.“I don’t think it’s going to be tough at all,” Bowles insisted. “It’s a long season, we understand that. If we would have won, we would have moved past it. We lost the game, we’re going to move past it.”All eyes will be on Darnold, of course, as they have been from the moment he became the future — and now, present — of the franchise.The 21-year-old rookie is supremely confident in himself, and has been lauded throughout his playing career for his ability to focus on the task at hand and not repeat mistakes. The Jaguars will surely be aiming to make Darnold uncomfortable on Sunday and force him into errors.“Yeah, Jacksonville is a great defense,” Darnold said. “Obviously [url=http://www.jetsjerseyproshop.com/joe-klecko-jersey/]Joe Klecko Jerseys 2019[/url] , they’ve got great players, but they also just play together very well. That’s what I noticed and that’s going to be a fun challenge going up against them in their place.”Bowles, for one, isn’t concerned about Darnold shaking off his play — one touchdown, four interceptions — in New York’s two losses.“I think he’ll come out of it fine,” Bowles said. “I think Sam has the right mentality and he has the right work ethic to learn what he has done wrong, as well as the rest of the team. They come back out of it, and he’s not in it by himself. We are in it as a team.”And that’s why the heat has been turned up a bit under Bowles, who’s in his fourth season with the Jets and has a 21-30 record with no playoff appearances.Owner Christopher Johnson has said there is no postseason mandate for Bowles or general manager Mike Maccagnan. His main priority is seeing overall progress from the team, which makes this a critical stretch for the coach.An ugly loss such as the one against the Browns can send some teams into a freefall. From the sense he got with his players at practice, Bowles believes there will be no lingering effects.“We don’t carry anything too long,” he said. “We have practice to get better at, and we have Jacksonville to get ready for, so we’re on to the next one.”Cornerback Trumaine Johnson, in his first season with the Jets after four with the Rams, echoed his coach’s sentiments.“We can’t dwell on that loss [url=http://www.jetsjerseyproshop.com/wayne-chrebet-jersey/]White Wayne Chrebet Jerseys[/url] ,” he said. “We’ve got 13, 14 more games in the season and hopefully the playoffs. Just move on from it.”But, they also hope to learn from it, too. And fix the mistakes that put the Jets in this position in the first place.“Yeah we could have coached better and we could have played better,” Bowles said of blowing 14-3 and 17-14 leads in the second half. “All the way around on both sides of the ball, including special teams, we just couldn’t make a play. There were a lot of things we could have done better that have hurt us in the past two or three weeks that we are going to try and work on.“We understand that we need to do a better job on both sides.”NOTES: The Daily News reported that the Jets have reached out to the Steelers to inquire about disgruntled running back Le’Veon Bell, but there’s nothing imminent, according to several published reports. ESPN reported Sunday that Pittsburgh is willing to trade Bell, who has yet to play this season while in a contract dispute. … Bowles is hopeful S Marcus Maye will be closer to playing this week. The second-year safety has been sidelined the first three games with a foot injury.Observations from Monday at Jets training camp Today was my first day at training camp in 2018. I took in practice on a sunny, hot day in Florham Park.Here are some of my scattered observations. As always, keep in mind this was only one practice so we shouldn’t draw sweeping conclusions on anything that happened.McCown’s reps were (correctly) limited: Josh McCown might well be the Jets’ starting quarterback Week 1 in Detroit, but he should require minimal reps to be ready for the season. He’s 39 years old. He’s been in the NFL since 2002. He understands the concepts of this offense. He doesn’t need to play a major role in its installation.Teddy Bridgewater hasn’t played in two years. Sam Darnold is learning how to play in the NFL on the fly. These guys will benefit much more from getting training camp reps.The Jets saw things the same way. McCown’s reps were sparse.All three quarterbacks played well: I didn’t think there was a poor performance in the quarterback room.McCown didn’t get many snaps, but I thought he had the most impressive pass of the day, a beautiful deep ball to Charles Johnson down the left sideline.Bridgewater played smart and efficient football. I can’t think of many mistakes he made.I thought Darnold’s day was a bit more up and down, but there certainly were more highs than lows due to a strong finish. He made a number of excellent throws into tight windows. Some were touch passes. Others had to be driven. What also impressed me was his presnap work. On a few occasions he made a correct adjustment at the line. One play that really impressed me happened in the red zone when Trenton Cannon was split wide. Darnold saw the matchup he wanted and attacked it. Cannon drew a flag. There were a few rookie moments [url=http://www.jetsjerseyproshop.com/wayne-chrebet-jersey/]Wayne Chrebet Jerseys 2019[/url] , such as a couple of bad sacks and a near interception where he missed Lorenzo Mauldin dropping into zone. But to see a 21 year old do some of the things Darnold did left me quite impressed and excited.Leonard Williams was dominant: I would expect the best player on the team to dominate practices, but I had Williams record a sack and a pair of other tackles for a loss.Trenton Cannon looks fast: These camp practices can be a bit deceptive at times because the offense has an edge. Most of the practices aren’t padded, and there is no contact. These things can make offensive players look better than they really are. With that said, Cannon’s speed stood out to me. There were plenty of other running backs who got the ball, and none of them popped out to me like the rookie.Unfortunately, he did leave practice with a possible foot injury. Hopefully he is all right.Dennard Wilson really coaches his guys up: The defensive backs just happened to be closest to me during team drills so perhaps I’m just showing too much favoritism to the guy I saw. The defensive backs coach was really drilling technique into his guys, though. He worked one on one with Trumaine Johnson and Morris Claiborne on their jams. I even learned some things about cornerback technique from listening to him instruct his players during drills.Taylor Bertolet looked good: I don’t know how much of a competition there really is at kicker, but by my count Bertolet was 6 of 7 in the kicking segment of practice with makes from 51 and 56 yards.It was training camp: There were some sloppy moments. But you would expect that at camp. The whole point of camp is to work these things out. I counted at least six penalties. I also saw four incompletions that were at least partially due to timing or miscommunication. (A receiver came out of his break a little late to make a play on the ball; a quarterback and receiver aren’t on the same page on a sight adjustment, etc.) There is plently of time to work these things out.We only care about quarterbacks. Which quarterback won the day, John? I probably wouldhave said Bridgewater two-thirds of the way through the practice, but I thought Darnold’s finish was very strong as he bounced back from a shaky middle. Bridgewater didn’t make mistakes, but the plays and throws he made just didn’t seem as impressive or difficult as those Darnold made. I think you could make a case either way. My impression, however, is that Darnold wins every time he looks like he belongs. That certainly was the case on Monday.

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