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Prikazujem objavo s številko 180803 v temi We now know Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins’

#180803  06.01.20 03:42  liny195

shape and size"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections New York Giants NewsGiants Training Camp 2016Giants vs. Eagles 2015 [url=http://www.Giantsjerseyproshop.com/oshane-ximines-jersey/]Oshane Ximines Buffalo Bills Jersey[/url] , Week 172019 NFL DraftKyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins are winners in the QB weigh-insNew,222commentsWe now know Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins’ shape and sizeESTShareTweetShareShareKyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins are winners in the QB weigh-ins[ENTER YOUR NAME]-USA TODAY SportsNew York Giants head coach Pat Shurmur said on Wednesday that quarterbacks “come in all shapes and sizes”. That statement came in response to a question about whether Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray would be big enough to start in the NFL.There have been doubts about his size and frame, and whether they would survive the NFL, for months now. About 24 hours after Shurmur gave his response, we found out how big Murray is — Dwayne Haskins, too. Kyler Murray, QB [url=http://www.thegiantsfansclub.com/oshane-ximines-jersey/]Color Rush Oshane Ximines Jersey[/url] , OklahomaHeight: 5-foot 10 1/8 inchesWeight: 207 poundsHand: 9 1鈦? inchesArm: 28 1鈦? inchesWingspan: 69 1/2There were serious doubts whether Murray would measure taller than 5-foot 10 inches, with most predicting he would be 5-foot 9 (and some fraction of an inch). Likewise, there were questions whether he would be big enough to withstand the NFL, with most assuming he would come in at roughly 190-195 pounds. In every respect Murray was the rare prospect who measured bigger than anticipated. For reference, Russell Wilson measured in at 5-foot 11 inches, and 204 pounds.It remains to be seen whether or not his athleticism remains as good as advertised, but so far he is “winning” the Combine. We also found out the measurements for the other top quarterback prospect, and the one most often linked to the Giants in mock drafts.Dwayne Haskins, QB [url=http://www.thegiantsfansclub.com/oshane-ximines-jersey/]Youth Oshane Ximines Jersey[/url] , Ohio StateHeight: 6-foot, 3 3/8 inchesWeight: 231 poundsHand: 9 5/8 inchesArm: 33 1/2Wingspan: 79 1/2Dave Gettleman said Wednesday that football is a “big man’s game,” and Haskins certainly confirmed his size. 231 is actually heavier than anticipated for him. With Gettleman professing his dream of finding the Giants’ next franchise quarterback, things are getting more interesting. Of course, we still have to see if either quarterback even lasts to sixth overall — or if the Giants have the guts to part with the assets necessary to move up and secure one of them. EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) — It’s not uncommon for NFL players to be optimistic heading into training camp.It happens every year as teams gear up in the summer and start thinking about making the playoffs and dreaming about winning a Super Bowl.What was a little surprising Wednesday was the optimism of Giants offensive coordinator Mike Shula and defensive coordinator James Bettcher in May.Just days after the draft, both men went out of their way to say how excited they were heading into 2019, Pat Shurmur’s second season as coach.Shula said the offense — now without the traded Odell Beckham Jr. — is light years ahead of last year; two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning is looking great at 38; and No. 6 overall draft pick and quarterback heir apparent Daniel Jones will be ready to play if needed.Bettcher, whose defense had trouble holding leads last season [url=http://www.thegiantsfansclub.com/oshane-ximines-jersey/]Womens Oshane Ximines Jersey[/url] , is stoked to be working with a mixture of veterans Janoris Jenkins, Antoine Bethea, Jabrill Peppers and Markus Golden along with several recently added draft picks, led by defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence II and cornerback DeAndre Baker, both taken in the first round with Jones.“I am hoping it can be an aggressive, attacking defense that dictates,” Bettcher said. “As I look at where it is at today and moving to tomorrow, I believe that is what it can be.”The Giants are going to have a different look on defense. Perennial leading tackle Landon Collins signed with Washington and sacks leader Olivier Vernon was traded to Cleveland for guard Kevin Zeitler. Edge rusher Connor Barwin, safety Curtis Riley and defensive lineman Kerry Wynn all are gone.Like any other coordinator [url=http://www.thegiantsfansclub.com/oshane-ximines-jersey/]Authentic Oshane Ximines Jersey[/url] , Bettcher admitted he would have liked the Giants to have taken a defensive player with the sixth pick overall, but he said the needs of the team come first.“You have had the conversations and given your opinion on the player, the individual player as we would talk about them,” Bettcher said of his talks with general manager Dave Gettleman. “The emotion gets taken out of it. There is great communication and it is clear communication.”Shula said Jones has all the tools. He has a good arm, is smart, asks good questions and learned plenty in the recent rookie camp.“Obviously with any young guy, whether it is Daniel or whoever you have, I think you have to make sure that those guys, you find out what they can do best and get them on the field doing that to start with [url=http://www.thegiantsfansclub.com/oshane-ximines-jersey/]Oshane Ximines Jersey Boys[/url] , and then go from there,” Shula said. “I think he’s got that capability.”The big ask for the offense this season will be replacing Beckham. Sterling Shepard and free agent signee Golden Tate will carry the load with tight end Evan Engram and a group of receivers, including speedy draft pick Darius Slayton.“The receivers we put on the field are going to be the guys that we are confident in and who we want to go out there to make plays,” receiver coach Tyke Tolbert said. “Doesn’t matter what number you want to put on it, we are going to play the best players at all positions, and I feel confident that whoever we put on the field, they are going to be able to go out there and make plays and help us win games.”

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