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Forum "Kam naj vlagam" je namenjen odzivu uporabnikov na vprašanja vrste "kam naj vložim", "ali je moj portfelj OK" in podobno. Temu pa je namenjena tudi storitev Drugo mnenje.

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#144979  19.03.19 17:59  idpieltsindia010odgovori / citiraj  |  shramba  


Hi everyone.

Skype ID # (idp-ielts-india)

I’m marry Ali’s I’m a British Council agent and an educational consultant …

Join us now on

Email # ieltsoraclepreparationindia@yahoo.com

WhatsApp # +380981738653

General suport # idpieltsonlineindia@outlook.com


Skype ID # (idp-ielts-india)


We have a process to help our clients. We can get you this IELTS, PTE or TOEFL certificate using a previous test date and get a valid certificate of any score of your choice without you sitting for this exam. We can also get you questions and answers for your upcoming exam if you have booked for this exam already. We can also control your scores for you while you sit for this exam. And lastly, we can upgrade your previous IELTS score if you wrote before and was unable to make it up to your desire scores

Dutch : CNaVT and NT2

French : DELF, DALF and TNF

German : Deutsches Sprachdiplom Stufe I and II , TestDaf and NTD

Italian : CELI, CILS and PLIDA

Polish : Certificate Examinations in Polish as a Foreign Language

Spanish : DELE and CELU


we offer a service to help you through to meet your goals, we can help you with:

•Getting real government issued ID under another identity,

•A new social security number (verifiable with the SSA),

•Checking and saving accounts for your new ID,

•Credit cards


•Biometric Passports

•Construction and obtaining identification documents,

•Your own private Nevada Corporation

•Private and offshore banking and much more!

•Job Seeking


(1) Fish Packer (2) Fish Machine Tender, (3) Fish Cleaner

(4) Fish Bin Tender, (5) Machine Operator, (6) Warehouse Supervisor

(7) Drivers, (8) Brine Maker (9) Cooker (10) Cooker Mechanic

(11) Food Production Worker (12) Manufacturing Assistant

(13) store Manager, (14) Masseur (15) Store keepers

(16) Chief Butcher, (17) Gardener (18) Electrician (19) Waiter/Waitress

(20) Mechanic (21) Front Office (22) Chefs (23) Bar Manager (24) Store Keeper

(25) Room Service (26) Banquet Manager (27) Factory Supervisor

(26) Security Officer (27) Sales & Marketing Manager (28) Waiter/Waitress

(29) Cashiers (30) Steward (31) Receptionist (32) Retail Manager

Email # ieltsoraclepreparationindia@yahoo.com

WhatsApp # +380981738653

General suport # idpieltsonlineindia@outlook.com


Skype ID # (idp-ielts-india)



1. Accommodation — Provided.

2. Ticket -Provided.

3. Medical — Provided.

4. Transportation — Provided.

5. Working hours — 8a.m-4p.m [Mon-Sat]

6. Vacation — 28.5 days every year

7. Salary/Wages — $25 per hour for Unskilled and $36 per hour for Skilled.

8. Contract — 2 years.

9. Extra time — $18 per hour

10. Insurance & Pension — According to Quebec Labor laws.

11. Other Benefits — Family Status, group benefit and other fringe benefits.

12. We pay our foreign Clients $74 USD for each Candidate you deploy to us.

13. Required number of candidates — 100 workers (Skilled and Unskilled)


Employees will render 20% Charges for visa processing while the Employer takes care of the remaining 80%. All the Visa process takes 4–8 weeks after payment and confirmation of fee.

We Give The Best In Recruitment, Through An Excellent Immigration Consulting Services. For any question, asking or query feel free to contact:

Email # ieltsoraclepreparationindia@yahoo.com

WhatsApp # +380981738653

General suport # idpieltsonlineindia@outlook.com

Skype ID # (idp-ielts-india)



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