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#207911  30.06.20 05:10  ylqodgovori / citiraj  |  shramba  

Speaking of smoking, the first thing in everyone's mind is the image of a man. In fact, it is not uncommon for women to smoke in life [url=smokingusacigarettes.com]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url], and women’s cigarettes are generally more expensive and more refined than men’s. It is no longer just to meet personal needs, but to symbolize a taste. Smoking women generally have a special mood, and there are often scenes of women smoking in TV shows to highlight the hero's style. But the posture and taste of people with different personalities are quite different. Some women have a noble identity and a solid family background, so they smoke to pay attention to the occasion and posture, while others have a mediocre family background, but pursue a sense of exquisite spiritual life. Their cigarettes are usually exquisitely wrapped. So today, the editor will introduce the personality characteristics mapped out by different smoking poses from the perspective of smoking poses! One: It is needless to say that the gesture of holding a cigarette can be seen by everyone, it shows a personality and freedom. Such people are generally more confident and more determined and courageous in some things encountered in life and work. However, as a very independent woman [url=cigarettesusaonline.com]Wholesale Cigarettes[/url], this excessive self-confidence will become arrogant. Too indifferent attitudes towards life will often make it easier to use smoking to self-paralyze, leading to smoking addiction. Two: The little fingers lifted slightly when smoking cigarettes. Most of these women are very pursuit of perfection. In life and work, they have very strict requirements on themselves, pursue excellence, and strive to make themselves live more refined than others. But such people tend to complain about some small stumbling blocks in their lives, and even get furious. They can't face some trivial things calmly, and their emotions will fluctuate. Three: The position of the cigarette holder is closer to the cigarette butt. From the elegant posture of women smoking, it can be seen that this woman pays great attention to her own beauty. They can accurately determine which posture will make their temperament best. It looks elegant and dignified in the eyes of others. They often patiently and carefully consider the whole story and have a unique and unique enjoyment of life. Four: When smoking, accompanied by other movements of the body, women like that colorful life. Most of them are optimistic and cheerful, do not like living in other people's world, and hate the harsh and old-fashioned life. They do things as they please, they don't pay too much attention to form, and they don't demand too much from themselves. Fifth: Smoking half, vomiting and smoking halfway has become a spiritual pillar in the minds of these women. Because they are too focused on feelings, they are often trapped by feelings and cannot get out of the shadow of feelings. Moreover, their inner world is also more complicated, thinking more but not good at expressing. Six: Women who like to spit smoke rings after smoking are particularly demanding of their quality of life. They no longer seek solace on the list, but also require material pursuit. This taste in life makes them often excellent, not only optimistic and hospitable, but also has their own unique vision and insights [url=buyusacigarettes.com]Marlboro Red[/url].

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Nova objava v tej temi  |  Nova tema v forumu
vseh objav v tej temi: 1

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